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Enjoy this preview of what’s to come
on 1 September, 2014.

A Preview of Catalysta

Would you like a partner on your journey to a meaningful career? Catalysta is ready to collaborate with you.

  • A Preview of Catalysta
  • Sisyphus or Hermes?
  • What is your dream lifestyle?
  • Happy at the end of the day
  • State of the Art Preview
  • The Innocence Project
  • Evolution on Wall Street
  • Mixed media evolution
  • Welcome to Catalysta!
  • Whatabout.... Preview
  • What is your dream job?
  • A bootstrap approach
  • Sharing the dream
  • Role Models Web Series Preview
  • What is Eco Fashion?
  • Are your clothes ethical?
  • Some thoughts on ethical fashion
  • Agents of Change Web Series Preview
  • What's at the core of a meaningful job?
  • What makes work meaningful?
  • What is a meaningful career?
  • Dream Job Web Series Preview
  • Evolution at the pharmacy
  • Evolution in public defense
  • Evolution at university
  • A photographer's dream job
  • A yogini's dream job
  • A lawyer's dream job

Join the conversation

Catalysta wants to hear from you. Record your take on any of these questions: What is your dream job? Who is evolutionary in your field? What makes work meaningful? What does eco fashion mean to you?

After pressing "Record", a Webcam recorder will appear that you can start when you’re ready. You'll have the chance to review your video before sharing it, so do as many takes as you like. Videos will be featured on the Catalysta YouTube channel and some will be placed here on Catalysta. We look forward to hearing from you!  

'Gram your garb

We want to see what eco fashion means to you. Instagram photos of your favorite sustainable pieces or shops or your take on eco fashion using the hashtag #catalystaecofashion.

Tweet your dream job

Is there a job out there you dream about? Do you already have your dream job? We want to hear about it! Tweet @CatalystaOrg using the hashtag #CatalystaDreamJob and tell us about your dream job.

Catalysta Weekly inspires & assists meaningful work.

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